Accessing the CrunchBase Dataset

We provide the CrunchBase Dataset under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License [CC-BY-NC] as described in our Terms of Service and Licensing Guidelines.

We encourage you to incorporate all or part of the CrunchBase Dataset into your application. To protect the community’s investment in the CrunchBase Dataset and to safeguard its integrity, we require a separate license for commercial uses regardless of how you access the Dataset. Uses may be commercial whether they are public facing or internal, free or paid. Members of the CrunchBase Venture Program do not require a new license.

CrunchBase Open Data Map

The CrunchBase Open Data Map is our answer to anyone that wants to reference CrunchBase or include basic CrunchBase profile information within their application. The data map includes the CrunchBase profile name, short description, logo image, location, and associated profile links from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Anyone can download the data map, we only ask for reasonable attribution if you decide to integrate the data into your application.

You may download the datamap in either CSV or JSON formats. See the Licensing Guidelines for more information.

Getting Started with the API

The CrunchBase API provides a read-only interface to the CrunchBase Dataset. Documentation and examples can be found on this website and access to the API is granted following a quick review of your application.

API Rate Limits

We limit usage to 50 calls per minute, 2,500 calls per day and a total lifetime limit of 25k. To increase your rate limit, just email us at Technical questions and suggestions should be sent to

CrunchBase Image URLs

Many of the images served through the CrunchBase API and Open Data Map can be resized through query paremets. For example:

can be scaled to fit in 100x50 rectangle while maintaining its original aspect ratio:

CrunchBase is Hiring

Interested in helping us build the Business Graph? We're expanding our engineering team and would be very interested in hearing from people who have already built applications on our API. Here's a list of our job openings.